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  • Shangdong MariaMachinery Co.Ltd, Spain joint venture. The company aims to introduce the world's most advanced garlic machinery into China and to use the company's powerful R & D team to design, develop and produce high-tech agricultural machinery adapted to Chinese agricultural products. At present, the company has 3 engineers in Spain, more than 20 Chinese engineers, more than 200 professional technicians, and with the well-known universities and Agricultural Machinery Research Institute signed a long-term cooperation agreement on industry university research. Products mainly include "Maria" brand garlic and onion sorting machine, garlic seed sorting machine, garlic harvester, garlic planting machine, garlic packaging production line, has patented and CE international product certification. Domestic sales are concentrated in Shandong, Henan, Jiangsu, Gansu, Yunnan and other places, the market share of more than 70%, have been exported to Peru, Spain, Japan, the United States, India, Philippines, Thailand and other countries, products by domestic and foreign customers and market recognition. Central ten "I love invention", Shandong province "rural monsoon", "Jinxiang news" and other columns of the company and products to report and highly evaluation. The company's vision: 1. China garlic machinery first brand. 2. serving the garlic industry in china. 3., the achievement of employees, return to society.

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    We have four major advantages
    • Leading technology
    • 北京福彩网Domestic garlic industry's strongest R & D strength, won the government approved the exclusive garlic Machinery Research institute.

    • Brand building
    • Maria's goal is to build the first brand of garlic industry in China, representing the Chinese manufacturing and leading the global standard.

    • Product process
    • 北京福彩网Participate in and formulate the manufacturing standards for garlic machinery industry. The products always represent the highest quality level in the industry.

    • Customer service
    • To provide customers with garlic whole industry chain, personalized customization services, to achieve R & D, production, marketing and other full-service.

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